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2 New Features: Search Users Profiles and Social Trending Posts

social searcher home page

The most active Social Searcher users have already mentioned several new features in public Beta testing and now we are glad to officially announce new functionality, which was requested by the loyal users and we are here to deliver: search users profiles by their name and explore trending posts about specific topics.

Main search input on the home page of the Social Searcher is enriched with 3 new tabs: “Mentions”, “Users” and “Trends”, that are responsible for the recent mentions search by keywords, users social profiles search by name or surname and trending posts search by keywords. Let’s have a closer look on the last 2 new features.

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Social Searcher Major Update

social searcher home page

Recently Social Searcher service got a new look and feel, which should streamline user experience, provide new features and become 100% mobile friendly.

Social Monitoring has never been so simple with the full coverage of Web and Social Networks mentions, check up following steps:

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Social Searcher: 2 New Social Networks and Improved Analytics

vkontakte_vine_social_searcher2Recently Social Searcher team released a new version of the service with 2 new social networks on board: VK (Vkontkate) and Vine. Analytics visualization was also improved to address different screen sizes and simplify navigation.

VK (originally VKontakte) is a very popular social network among Russian-speaking users. As of November 2014, VK had at least 280 million accounts.
Vine is a video sharing social network where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. As of December 2015, Vine had 200 million active users.

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Social Searcher: New Posts Layouts and Filters

social_searcher_logo2Recently we released a new scope of functionality requested by our users for a long time: new cute posts layouts, as well as new data filtering and ordering features.

Now all users can benefit from the following posts layouts: Mosaic (default one), Horizontal and Vertical. Also search results can be ordered by Date or Popularity and filtered by Sentiment, content Type and Networks.

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Social Searcher: Facebook Update and 7 New Social Networks

Social Searcher updateOn April 30th 2015 Facebook deprecated the Search API for public posts by keywords, which provided poor results and was unstable. New API allows to monitor exact Facebook pages feeds to get more accurate social tracking. New version of the Facebook monitoring service by Social Searcher will collect all updates, mentions and comments on your own Facebook page or your competitor’s one.

Another big news for Social Searcher users: we’ve integrated 7 new popular networks for you to search. Share this great update of the leading free social media search solution with your friends and keep on reading for more details.

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Facebook Friendship Pages Redesigned

facebook_friendship_icoThe social network introduced a radically new design of the friendship pages. If you want to see how close you are online with a particular friend or a member of your family, your friendship page with him will show all the posts, photos and events that you shared online together.

This is a great feature – especially for those ones who are in a “relationship” with another user in Facebook.

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Facebook Tests Want and Collect Buttons

facebook_wantFacebook is testing a new “Want” and “Collect” buttons for online retailers, that can be used for adding products into wish lists called “Collections”. The new feature will allow Facebook users to see in the news feed items that their friends would like to have.

“Want” and “Collect” buttons are the latest in the series of the social network innovations, that were presented in the last few weeks in an attempt to find new ways to make a profit and attract investors interest.

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Facebook Help Center Update

facebook_safety_logoThe most popular social network updated interface of the Help Center: simple navigation and a list of frequently asked questions.

Facebook launched Help Center in 2007 as a part of the users support service, which provided answers for the various questions about functions and products of the social network. An updated version of the Facebook Help Center is designed to simplify the search of information for users and developers.

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Facebook Groups File Sharing with Dropbox

facebook_dropboxMembers of groups in the social network will be able to share files that were uploaded to the Dropbox “cloud” storage, with other team members, according to a Dropbox company blog.

“Today we’re psyched to announce that you can share stuff from Dropbox right inside Facebook Groups! Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team’s group, or post a birthday video to your family’s group at lightning speed from wherever you are”, – mentioned in the blogpost.

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Facebook Rolls Out New Timeline Design

facebook_timeline_icon2It’s not a secret that Facebook team likes to experiment with design and test all kinds of innovations.

You may noticed that in April, the size of the Facebook timeline cover image was changed to a bigger one. Facebook decided not to stop on this, and prepared some new changes for the timeline’s design.

They are as follows:

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