Twitter Insights about Identity Issues

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Nowadays social brands with their own ideology, stances and movements are gaining popularity among Generation Z. Investing in such projects became popular and social media turned into an important channel between consumers and brands. Social media can help to understand brand’s issues and support relevant ones for you.

It has a straight connection to how people make decisions about cultural and other questions in social groups and how brand’s beliefs that they show in public can influence the social attitude.

Twitter decided to check how social community use their platform in identify discussions and that’s what research revealed:

“When it comes to big issues like racial justice, gender equality and climate change, people on Twitter not only welcome brands in these conversations, but expect them to speak up for their followers and others who share their values.”

In addition to the importance of interacting with brands, customers’ expectations regarding the social positions and actions of companies have increased.

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Dmitry Oreshko

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