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Twitter Professional Account Analytics Update

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With the updated analytics display option in the Professional Accounts tab, you can take a fresh look at your overall account performance.

The new Professional Home screen is able to show you different key account insights such as profile visits, link clicks, monetisation, etc.

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Twitter Insights about Identity Issues

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Nowadays social brands with their own ideology, stances and movements are gaining popularity among Generation Z. Investing in such projects became popular and social media turned into an important channel between consumers and brands. Social media can help to understand brand’s issues and support relevant ones for you.

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Musk sued by Twitter investors over chaotic deal

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Twitter investors sue Elon Musk and the company over a ‘chaotic’ deal to sell the social network. In their opinion, the statements and tweets of the entrepreneur led to fluctuations in the share price.

Twitter doesn’t object to Elon Musk’s proposal for a trial to end the deal but is concerned he’ll try to delay.

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Social Searcher: All Web mentions and Discount coupon

all_web_mentions2 months ago we introduced premium social monitoring functionality and today we are moving one step forward in making Social Searcher as a single point for your web listening.

Premium plans now have access to the All Web mentions: news, blogs, forums, comments, videos.

We’d like to thank all social media enthusiasts for the feedbacks, site suggestions and general support.

Start new features test drive with 10% discount coupon for all subscriptions types in the next 10 days:

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Social Searcher: Now with Social Monitoring


We are glad to introduce premium Social Monitoring features, requested by lots of our users who are using Social Searcher on a daily basis.

New functionality is smoothly integrated into the existing interface and should be pretty helpful not only for the experienced marketers/entrepreneurs, but for the newcomer social media researchers and small business owners as well:

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Infographic: Sochi 2014 Social Analytics

We all saw a great closing ceremony of the Sochi 2014 Olympics a few days ago. Now it’s a good time to name social media heroes and the most remarkable moments of the Winter Olympics.
The Social Searcher team has collected and analyzed more than 3.8 million tweets relative to the Winter Olympics and glad to present this Sochi 2014 Social Analytics Infographic.

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Major Update: Social Searcher – Free Social Media Search Engine

social_searcher_home03 Dec 2013 Social Searcher rolled out a major update for the service. The site was redesigned in a handy metro style and provided new real-time search features for the users.

First enhancement is a possibility to save advanced search options like multiple keywords or filtering into the user’s account for a quick access in the future. Also users can set up Email Alerts for the saved searches to be notified when new search results appear.

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Twitter API v1.1 Migration Caused Mass Errors in Free Social Tools


Yesterday Twitter officially announced retirement of the API v1.

Exploring developers forums shows that lots of third party services owners are unhappy with the new API limitations and Twitter’s requirement for applications to authenticate all the requests. At the same time Twitter representatives report: most of the valuable services that utilizes the API, successfully migrated their stuff.

Quick overview of the most mentioned Twitter tools gives reason to doubt in this statement.

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Social Media Study: Last 7 Days of the US Presidential Election Race 2012

economistSocial Searcher team is glad to present social media study about US Elections candidates mentions on Facebook and Twitter. We thought that it might be interesting to measure up the last 7 days of the elections race when most of people get their final choise.

Recently launched Social Buzz search engine was used for gathering data.

Do you think social mentions information can forecast the result of election? Then go on reading and get some more interesting facts.

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Facebook Insurance for Users Protection was Launched in UK

Facebook_insuranceYesterday the UK based company ALLOW announced a launch of the first social media insurance to protect against reputation issues, social network account jacking and ID theft.

It is no a secret that social networks users do care a lot about their online reputation and cyber criminals get profit out of hacking Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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