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Social Media Study: Last 7 Days of the US Presidential Election Race 2012

economistSocial Searcher team is glad to present social media study about US Elections candidates mentions on Facebook and Twitter. We thought that it might be interesting to measure up the last 7 days of the elections race when most of people get their final choise.

Recently launched Social Buzz search engine was used for gathering data.

Do you think social mentions information can forecast the result of election? Then go on reading and get some more interesting facts.

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Zuckerberg and Russia’s PM Medvedev Discuss Facebook in Moscow

zuckerberg_medvedev1Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had a meeting with the founder of the social network Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Dmitry Medvedev and Mark Zuckerberg discussed the possibility of the Facebook presence in Russia as a software development company.
Participants of the meeting also talked about IT business in Russia, the problems of copyrights in the Internet and prospects of the startups in the “Skolkovo”.

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Russian Wiki Shuts Down to Protest Internet Censorship Bill

wiki_shut_down3The Russian-language Wikipedia website was shut down on Tuesday 10 July. Now it has a stark black line across its main page in protest at a bill, which may be used to censor the Russian internet.

“Imagine a world without free knowledge,” it said in a statement. Russian parliament will discuss on Wednesday amendments to an information law and they “could lead to the creation of extrajudicial censorship of the whole Russian-language internet”.

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Facebook users can contribute to the Constitution of Iceland

iceland_flagAs you know, the economy of Iceland is still reeling from the financial crisis of 2009. Perhaps partly because of this, maybe because the government of this small country is trying to make a constructive dialogue with its people, to assist in the creation of a new basic law of the country – the Constitution. Anyway the Icelandic authorities have invited its citizens to the creation process.

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Will Obama’s Daughters be on Facebook?

obama_daughtersWhile being interviewed on the “Today” show Michelle Obama, the USA’s first lady frankly admitted that she prohibits her children to use Facebook. This restriction of using the social network stirred up the discussion about the rightness of such a limitation.

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Viral ‘I Love Facebook’ Photo Of Egyptian

An English expostulatory demonstrated a sigh saying “I love Facebook” on Twitter. This photo became viral there via the shortened address http://yfrog.com/h3g76hj and now it penetrated into Facebook.
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Does a Curse on Facebook Justifies User’s Arrest?

A Nigerian inhabitant of Jigawa has lately been committed to prison because of an unusual case. He posted a pointed curse on his Facebook profile about one of representatives of Jigawa’s authorities.
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