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Why Social Mentions Monitoring is Crucial for Any Business?

Social media has changed how we market our businesses. Understanding how to find, monitor and respond to social mentions for crucial conversations online is an excellent skill for marketers to develop. Even though you don't have the budget, tracking and using them to your advantage is entirely possible with a proper strategy in place.
In this short guide, we'll cover everything you need to know such as what they are, how you can track them and how you can leverage them.

What is a Social Mention?

Social mention occurs every time a keyword, hashtag or brand that you are monitoring is used on social media and with Social Searcher you may see all of them in a single list.
Our platform is covering top social media services and all web mentions as well. You can get in touch with thousands of people with a snap of your fingers.
This works like all other search engines. You can search for specific keywords or brand that you want to track, and get a list of filtered results with analytics.

Key Social Metrics

Here are four key metrics that make up a social mention.

Strength: This measures how actively people are discussing your keywords or keyword phrases in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

Sentiment: This gives you an idea of the overall tonality or attitude of the posts where people mention your keyword.

Passion: When your passion score is high, the more people are repeatedly discussing your keywords.

Reach: This measures the number of people who are exposed to your search keyword or brand.

What are the Main Use-Cases for Monitoring?

It is essential to monitor the effectiveness of social media for your business once you have built your social media profiles and you're engaging people online regularly.
Below you may find good examples of how to use social mentions tracking for the business of any size.

Identify the right audience: It provides an accurate source of information when you want to understand your audience. Trending topics, hashtags, best date/time to post.

Monitoring your reputation: Social media can make or break your brand, so it's critical to keep an eye on any mentions that could be potentially a threat. Stop the crisis before it goes viral and support your most reliable fans.

Gaining customer insights: Tracking it allows companies to have a better understanding about how their customers are engaging and interacting with the published content, started marketing campaign, products and services quality.

Top Tools to Track Social Mentions

Analyzing and tracking social presence may seem challenging but having the right tools makes it easy. In this section, we've put together a list of tools that will help you.

Social Searcher
Social Searcher is an easy to use Free social mentions search tool that allows users to monitor trending links from major social media sites. You can use the online service to get a feed of the recent public posts about specific keywords, get Free email alerts about new mentions and Premium Media Monitoring.

This is a powerful tool with the single dashboard to track hashtags and social publications. Talkwalker allows you to search all social networks at once for your hashtags or your brand mentions, gathering a list of relevant posts with details about engagement, sentiment, and reach.

It allows you to set up a stream, monitor specific keywords, hashtags, regions, and more using their streams layout. It makes your data actionable, and you can find good content for your target audience and post it directly in to the social channels.