Social Media Study: Last 7 Days of the US Presidential Election Race 2012

economistSocial Searcher team is glad to present social media study about US Elections candidates mentions on Facebook and Twitter. We thought that it might be interesting to measure up the last 7 days of the elections race when most of people get their final choise.

Recently launched Social Buzz search engine was used for gathering data.

Do you think social mentions information can forecast the result of election? Then go on reading and get some more interesting facts.

In this study we analyzed more then 1.3 million facebook and twitter public mentions of the candidates during the 30.10.2012 – 05.11.2012 period.

General numbers of mentions.

Mitt Romney 53.5% 70.3%
Barack Obama 34.8% 26%
Gary Johnson 7.3% 2.6%
Jill Stein 3% 1%
Rocky Anderson 0.7% 0.05%
Virgil Goode 0.7% 0.05%

Check up interactive infographic below for the additional study results.

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Infographic Excerpt.

- 4 Tweets per 1 Facebook Post.

- 40% of Tweets were posted by 10% of users.

- 1.2 Tweets mentioning Mitt Romney per second.

- Mitt Romney was much more viral in social networks last 7 days: 53.5% of all candidates mentions for Facebook and 70.3% – for Twitter.

- Sentiment analytics of the posts looks pretty similar for the top candidates.

Top Shared Stories on Facebook and Twitter for Mitt Romney.

1. Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

This is my four year old daughter, Abigael, after hearing one too many mentions of the election.

2. Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think Gay Couples Should Have Children

3. Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles Of History Season.

Top Shared Stories on Facebook and Twitter for Barack Obama.

1. The Economist article “America could do better than Barack Obama; sadly, Mitt Romney does not fit the bill”

2. Obama photo


3. Facebook photo with description.


“Is this Obama’s Katrina? Obama does a quick photo op for an hour with Gov Christie then is back in Vegas the next day campaigning away as many on the east coast are without food, power, gasoline and water and look for ways to survive. Where is Obama and government now? If President Bush had done this, the liberal media would have crucified him. And the media continues to ignore the Benghazi fiasco and cover up to boot.”


It’s obvious that Mitt Romney was the leader in social networks last 7 days, but no one knows who will be finally elected.

We’ll try to compare results of the elections with this study. Stay tuned and write your thoughts in comments.

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