6 Tools for Downloading Your Photos from Facebook

facebook_photo_downloadStoring all your photos in one place is not a good idea.
May be someday you’ll want to switch to another social network or leave the online world at all, anyway, it’s better to have a possibility to save all images that were posted on Facebook.

And today we’ll look into a few applications that will help you to save all the photographs that you were tagged on or published in your albums.

1. Social Folders (free until 2000 downloaded files). This service allows you to collect photos from sites like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Google Docs (Drive), Twitter, Instagram, Picasa and others by creating a special folder on your computer. SocialFolder is a great way to transfer photos from one site to another, send images to your friends or receive new ones from them.

2. Pick & Zip (free). It allows you to download entire albums, photos that you were tagged on, and even videos from Facebook, without paying a penny. All you need to do is just to select the type of media files you need. And the program will do the rest – download videos and photos in Zip archive or PDF file.

3. Facebook2Zip (free). Simply login to your Facebook account and allow Facebook2Zip to download your own photos and photos of your friends by putting them all together in a handy Zip archive.

4. IFTTT Recipe (free). This program can’t download the photos that you were tagged on before its installation. But it will save all the upcoming tagged images and will carefully add them to a folder in Dropbox. However, that’s not all functionality of this tool.

5. Move Your Photos (free). This application is an extension to the Google Chrome browser and it will make your transfer from Facebook to Google+ easy and painless. Move Your Photos also allows you to share photos with your friends on Google+ or download them to another convenient location.

6. PhotoLive (free).

Sadly PhotoLive has discontinued its service since September 2014.

PhotoLive is also an extension to the Google Chrome. However, there are versions of the application for the other browsers too: Firefox, Safari and Opera. With PhotoLive you can easily download your photos and photos posted by your friends. Comparing to another apps, PhotoLive doesn’t require logging in to Facebook and it doesn’t store any of your personal data or history of your activity.

If you don’t like any of the tools listed above, feel free to download all the photos manually by opening each of them separately. But this method seems to be boring and too long.

Dmitry Oreshko

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