New Facebook Pages Guide

Social network Facebook changed its pages design. The alteration causes different, both positive and negative reactions of account holders. But in general the changes are considered as a favourable amelioration. You will find a minute description of new Facebook pages below.

A New Layout

Instead of a line with profile images there is a navigation bar on the left side of the page. The focal point of profile’s page is now on five photos at the top of the page in lieu of plenty of amusing Facebook profile photos before.

Switch Between Admin And Self

Toggle User ScreenshotThe administrators of large branded Facebook pages got the opportunity optionally to change their identity presenting themselves either as admins or as a common user. This possibility allows making the conversation with their clients not just as a talk between salesman and customers but modify it to a casual person-to-person conversation.

UseThis functionality contains something else that is worth to be mentioned as this capacity is of great importance. That is the ability to like and comment on other pages as your page. If you take part in conversations pass by the name of your brand it will serve as advertisement for your product which means the current capacity presents a large promotional opportunity.

Browse Facebook As Your Page

You have a chance to act not as an individual but as a page now. The type of activities you may be involved in that case is similar. Just browse Facebook as your page after switching over to behaving as a page.

Homepage As Page

New Tab Width

Facebook confirmed that this is actually a bug and page tabs should not have changed sizes.

Different Photo Banners Model

New Facebook page layout includes only five photos that reside at the top of the page. The small quantity of photos forces users to choose images more carefully. Moreover some of them try to invent a creative way to place the photos. The problem is that the order of photos appearance on the page is not fixed. However Alexandre Oudin succeeded in design of the following creative profile when the new layout rolled out:

Creative Profile Screenshot


By and large the new Facebook upgraded pages are considered as an improvement over the previous version. They correspond with site’s design. Administrators took a favourable view of it. Only the new tab will probably annoy people, but all in all this is an essential upgrade from the previous version of Facebook pages.

Dmitry Oreshko

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