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Web Monitoring of Your Brand Mentions

How do you keep up-to-date with all the mentions of your brand or competitors? How do you follow all the latest trends in your niche or industry? It's impossible to monitor everything when there is so much happening online.

Fortunately, there are plenty of media monitoring tools that can help you to get all the updates in a comfortable and time efficient manner. Let professional services to do the hard work while you can focus on the business development. These tools will track your keywords across the entire web and notify you once new mentions appear.

How to React on Brand Mention Online?

Positive Web Mentions

If someone mentions your brand in the online conservation, reach out to them and thank for the mention, which will encourage writer to be your brand advocate in future. Make sure that there is link back to your site, so that readers can quickly learn more about your company.

It's important to support such conversations on different forums and independent blogs to have a more reliable reputation.

Negative Web Mentions

When you have a negative review, the key is to stay objective and respond like a human. You should have a plan to quickly and professionally deal with the negative review.

It's best to contact the author privately to discuss the issue. If they do not respond, you may post a comment if possible. The worst thing is to leave it unanswered: huge marketing efforts can be lost just because of one highly visible unpleasant feedback.

Social Searcher Web Monitoring Tool

Social Searcher is an online tool that allows you to monitor your website, business or product mentions so that you never miss any conversation. This tool is an easy to use content detection and alerting service, which sends notifications to your email when someone publicly shares relevant keywords.

Social Searcher can help you to track mentions and conversations that you may not be aware of, while the best part of this Brand Monitoring tool is that you stay anonymous to the third parties and can control your competitors’ online presence in the same way.

Start using it for:

- Building your network within your niche, connect with the influencers and grow your own active community.

- Keeping up with your industry and niche news, get up-to-date trending posts and topics to discuss with the social followers.

- Spying on your competitors, to uncover their marketing strategy as well as strong and weak sides of the business.

- Tracking keywords and phrases related to your brand to maximize customer support efforts and protect your business reputation online.

- Full Social Media Monitoring coverage of the top social networks.

Web Monitoring Tools

There are several Social Searcher alternatives:

Mention comes in mobile, desktop, and Chrome versions. It allows you to quickly track mentions of your brand and other pre-set phrases or keywords across the web, and social media platforms. You can set up alarms for your business name, products, competitors and any keywords.

Buzzsumo is excellent for content research and useful for web monitoring your business on the Internet. This tool allows you to set alerts for your competitors, brand, relevant keywords and phrase and even track backlinks to your website.

Brandwatch pulls historical, current and locational data from millions of sources across the Internet to give you access to all conversations and mentions that are relevant to your brand. You can monitor your company on every corner of the Web with Brandwatch.