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Twitter API v1.1 Migration Caused Mass Errors in Free Social Tools


Yesterday Twitter officially announced retirement of the API v1.

Exploring developers forums shows that lots of third party services owners are unhappy with the new API limitations and Twitter’s requirement for applications to authenticate all the requests. At the same time Twitter representatives report: most of the valuable services that utilizes the API, successfully migrated their stuff.

Quick overview of the most mentioned Twitter tools gives reason to doubt in this statement.

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Facebook App Center Started

facebook_app_center2We already mentioned that Facebook plans to open “App Center”, today it is online. Facebook offered application developers an easy access to the 900 million users audience of the social network. With the help of “App Center“, they can create pages with description and links to their applications on popular services – Apple App Store and Google Play.

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HUGE: Facebook App Center

facebook_app_centerFacebook launches online apps store with games and other applications intended for use in the social network.
Facebook users can access the Facebook App Center through the Internet and Facebook application for iOS and Android. This should help Facebook to monetize its mobile audience. Now it will be hard to say about Google-Apple monopoly in selling mobile apps.

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Facebook Action Links: Interact with Timeline Apps

facebook_timeline_iconYesterday, Facebook introduced the new function, which is called “Action Link”. This link will appear next to the Like and Comment ones, but its main purpose will be to “interact with your timeline app directly from Facebook.”

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Facebook Hacker Cup again Goes to Russia

fb_hacker_cup_logo18 March at the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park the final round of the annual competition Facebook Hacker Cup was held.

The winner of the contest, which lasted for three hours, became Roman Andreev from Russia. He was awarded a check for $ 5000, and his name will be engraved on the Hacker Cup. Last year’s winner of the Facebook Hacker Cup competition also was programmer from Russia – Peter Mitrichev.

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Facebook Timeline Apps Platform

facebook_time_line1The social network has finally launched its Timeline Apps platform, which includes a variety of applications based on Open Graph API.
This platform, which was announced last September on the F8 conference, allows third party developers and companies to build Facebook applications that can post information about any events in the life of the user, his interests, habits and preferences. What exactly should see other Facebook users, you can configure using applications settings.

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Facebook has bought geo-social service Gowalla

gowalla_logoThe Social network Facebook has bought geo-social service Gowalla, which is considered to be one of the main competitors of Foursquare. CNN Money reported this with the reference to an anonymous source. It is assumed that Gowalla developers will join Facebook staff and will work on the “Timeline” feature, which was announced in September. The deal amount is unknown.

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WordPress Blog Crossposting to Facebook

Let’s finally unite WordPress blogs facilities with the social networking site Facebook. As a matter of fact not infrequently blog’s users are Facebook account holders at the same time. Linking of these two online resources will definitely be very convenient as the authors of WordPress posts will be able to promote their WP posts straight to Facebook pages without delay and receive estimation or better to say an assessment of their work at once from a larger quantity of people. Read more

Design Guide: The Like Button Style For Your Website

If you are a Facebook account holder, then pressing the Like button will cause the appearance of the data marked with this Like button on the wall of your profile page. Your Facebook friends will also be familiarized with the contents behind the mentioned button. In the meantime the original button’s owner becomes enabled to publish updates of news feed concerning the Liked object to the user hereafter.

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New Batched Requests For Facebook Developers

Application developers are now provided with a new tool by the social networking site. They are now empowered to batch requests whence it follows that they are allowed to access the Graph API more efficiently. The number of requests possible to be batched comes up to 20. Developers can also batch multiple HTTP methods and FQL queries, and are enabled to order operations to specify connections involved.

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