Facebook Hacker Cup again Goes to Russia

fb_hacker_cup_logo18 March at the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park the final round of the annual competition Facebook Hacker Cup was held.

The winner of the contest, which lasted for three hours, became Roman Andreev from Russia. He was awarded a check for $ 5000, and his name will be engraved on the Hacker Cup. Last year’s winner of the Facebook Hacker Cup competition also was programmer from Russia – Peter Mitrichev.

Second place in the competition went to the Tomek Czajka from Poland, and in third place was Tiancheng Lou from China.

Participants got three tasks and an hour and twenty minutes to find solutions. As in the past year, none of the finalists could not cope with all tasks. On the solution of a task Roman spent an hour and five minutes, and Tomek – just one minute more. Tiancheng Lou found the correct answer in 1 hour 44 minutes. Silver and bronze winners got prizes of $ 2000 and $ 1000 respectively.


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