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Social Searcher Android App Minor Update

Social Searcher Android App V1.2 was published on September 20. Now it supports Google+ social network and the issue with the Facebook search results caused by changed API is fixed.

Also post sentiment information was added: positive, negative and neutral. Positive posts have small green square in the right top corner of the post. Negative posts are marked with the red color and neutral ones with the gray color.

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Facebook Home

facebook_homeHave you waited for the Facebook Home application release and wanted to try it by yourself?

Now it is very easy to do so if you are the proud owner of one of the following phones: HTC One X, HTC One X+ or Samsung Galaxy S III, for which the application is available for downloading officially on Google Play.

However, if your mobile device differs from the mentioned above, then there are also several hacks from the independent developers.

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Facebook Messenger Ultimate Update

facebook_messanger_updateFacebook recently rolled out Messenger update for the Android operating system, that seemed to be very ambitious: its users will no longer need to have a Facebook account in order to successfully work with the application.

This is an important step of the social network on the way to the desired market dominance in the text messages area.

The possibility to communicate with your Facebook pals providing only your phone number and name for the Facebook Messaging app, can make it much more popular among users.

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Facebook App Center Started

facebook_app_center2We already mentioned that Facebook plans to open “App Center”, today it is online. Facebook offered application developers an easy access to the 900 million users audience of the social network. With the help of “App Center“, they can create pages with description and links to their applications on popular services – Apple App Store and Google Play.

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Facebook Android Application Update: V1.9

facebook_android_logo4 months ago we already had an overview of updated Facebook App for Android, yesterday Facebook released new version 1.9 of the application.

According to official blog post, Facebook for Android 1.9 includes:

  • Performance improvements.
  • New messenger features, like adding adding people on the fly to the group conversation.
  • Shortcuts to share photos and messages faster.

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Facebook Search Android Application

Feature_GraphicToday our site www.social-searcher.com released Android Application “Social Searcher“, which allows to Search on Facebook Without Logging in! Make your keyword search around Facebook and find out what people are talking about now.
Social Searcher is Your Compass in the Facebook ocean.

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Facebook Android App Beats iPhone Version

android_vs_iphoneAccording to AppData analysts, the number of daily active users of Facebook application for Android exceeded the iPhone one. Nevertheless, Facebook application for iPhone still has more monthly active users.

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Facebook Android App New Update

facebook_android_appFacebook application for Android was updated, now user interface looks similar to the iOS mobile app. Announced version of the application should be much faster.

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Facebook Released Mobile Chat App for Android and iPhone

facebook-messengerFacebook introduced a Facebook Messenger for Android and iPhone. It is specially designed to send messages and chat on Facebook. Application is already available for download on Android Market and App Store.

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