Facebook Messenger Ultimate Update

facebook_messanger_updateFacebook recently rolled out Messenger update for the Android operating system, that seemed to be very ambitious: its users will no longer need to have a Facebook account in order to successfully work with the application.

This is an important step of the social network on the way to the desired market dominance in the text messages area.

The possibility to communicate with your Facebook pals providing only your phone number and name for the Facebook Messaging app, can make it much more popular among users.

The global goal of the social network is clear enough: replacing SMS-services with the own products. While using the application for sending free text messages, users, even without logging in to the social network itself, are very close to it. There is a small and simple step to create your own Facebook account after installing Facebook Messenger app.

Now the new functionality is available only for the users from India, Indonesia, Venezuela, Australia and South Africa. The choice of the above countries for the start is reasonable: WhatsApp application with the similar functionality is dominating in these markets.

Dmitry Oreshko

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