6 Best Facebook Games of 2012

facebook-gamesPossibility to play online games in the social network is a very import feature of the Facebook. Perhaps, the social network can not yet boast with the most convinient online entertainment: endless notification pop-ups and offers to buy something.

However, we are glad to present following six best Facebook games of 2012: a carefully selected and definitely worth to pay attention to.

1. Sim City Social.


There are hundreds of games on Facebook, that are connected with the construction and development of the cities, but the moment of releasing Facebook app by the undisputed leader of the world of consoles and personal computers could not be unnoticed. Version of the Sim City for the social network contains all the essential elements of the genre and, of course, has the same advantages and opportunities that are so loved by players of the classic platforms.

In Sim City you have to design and build entire cities – together with your friends online. Being somehow tied to the principles of the social games (the help of friends and so on), Sim City still offers more customizable and deep gameplay comparing to other competitors. Not only that – Sim City on Facebook can be an excellent harbor, where players can wait for a full version of the game for the desktops, which will be released in the next year.

2.You Don’t Know Jack.


YDKJ is a perfect game in many ways. It is one of the few ones where the interaction with friends in the game does not turn into an endless stream of the spam. As the reincarnation of the cult game of the 90-th, YDKJ offers players a kind of return to that time and popular artists of the past.

You Don’t Know Jack will not take much time. It is ideal for those users who are spending not more than five or ten minutes a day for games.

3. Angry Birds Friends.


Angry Birds, perhaps, has no need in introduction. In addition to the classic gameplay, in the Facebook version of the hit game users can compete with their friends in order to achieve high results, offered by developers.

4. Marvel: Avengers Alliance.


If you are a comic books and superheroes fan, this game is definitely for you. Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a step-by-step game which lets you to play along with any characters from the world of Marvel.

Each hero in the game has its own unique set of characteristics, strong and weak sides. Marvel: Avengers Alliance has also elements of the strategy, on allowing the player, for example, to send hero to perform solo missions. This fact has a significant impact on the gameplay, and if you’re not careful enough, you’ll have to spend a lot more time in the game.

5. Jetpack Joyride.


Jetpack Joyride used to be one of the most popular games on iOS and Android mobile platforms. And in 2012, users of the Facebook had a chance to play for the brave pilot Barry Steakfries. Pretty simple gameplay of the Jetpack Joyride is compensated by the lots of different bonuses and upgrades, which makes you to return to the game again and again for setting the new records.

6. The Friend Game .


The Friend Game is a very funny and addictive game, which allows you to see if you know well your friends in the social network. During the game you will be asked a variety of questions about tastes, views and passions of your friends. If one of them later join the game, then he or she will be able to see the answers. Correct answers will give you the points for reaching the next level.

What are your favourite Facebook games? See you in comments.

Dmitry Oreshko

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