Social Searcher: 2 New Social Networks and Improved Analytics

vkontakte_vine_social_searcher2Recently Social Searcher team released a new version of the service with 2 new social networks on board: VK (Vkontkate) and Vine. Analytics visualization was also improved to address different screen sizes and simplify navigation.

VK (originally VKontakte) is a very popular social network among Russian-speaking users. As of November 2014, VK had at least 280 million accounts.
Vine is a video sharing social network where users can share six-second-long looping video clips. As of December 2015, Vine had 200 million active users.

Monitor new Networks

In order to add new networks to the existing saved searches go to the Advanced options, select them and save:



Experience new sentiment distribution visualization with the ratio information in the center


New column charts of the content types.


Get the most out of the popular posts preview: all the networks are listed in one table with appropriate colors and icons.




API was enriched with the following features:

  • HTTPS. RESTful API is available via SSL secure protocol.
  • Geolocation. All posts from Twitter, Instagram and Google+ that contain Geo information are equipped with the appropriate data in the output JSON.
  • Video streaming. Direct Video URL to the original file can be found in the output JSON for Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr networks.
  • Tumblr’s “notes” popularity metric is added to the search results and Analytics.
Dmitry Oreshko

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