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Facebook Action Links: Interact with Timeline Apps

facebook_timeline_iconYesterday, Facebook introduced the new function, which is called “Action Link”. This link will appear next to the Like and Comment ones, but its main purpose will be to “interact with your timeline app directly from Facebook.”

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Facebook Supports Organ Donation Campaign?

facebook_donorIn the U.S. about 7 thousand people die each year while waiting for organ transplants. Facebook hopes to reduce that number by creating a special application which allows users to become donors, without leaving the social network, reports The New York Times.

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Facebook Profile Design: History of Changes

2005Today we are going to overview the history of Facebook Profile changes from 2005 till the end of 2011.

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HUGE: Facebook Pages Timeline

facebook_pages_timelineThe world’s largest social networking site Facebook launched a new type of accounts for the public pages of brands, companies and celebrities. The new tool will allow Facebook Pages to submit information about themselves in a dynamic manner.

Administrators of Facebook Pages now can add a main head image, which is considerably larger then profile photo. In addition, starting from Wednesday, Facebook Pages will be able to place information in the form of timeline, which allows to highlight significant events or hide some of the posts.

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Facebook Inline Translation Feature

facebook-translateRecently, Facebook released a note saying that began its work on a new translation feature. This function allows to translate user pages’s posts, as well as comments by pressing a single button “Translate”. New features have been announced previously, but started to work only today.

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Automatic Facial Recognition on Facebook

facebook-facialFor the first time recognition of faces in photos appeared on Facebook last year, but it worked only for users in North America. Now, a new feature available to all users without exception. When you load a new image Facebook will try to guess who is it, and offer to tag this man.

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Hotkeys for Facebook

The high speed of various actions’ executed on the social networking site is worth its weigh in gold. That is why the hotkeys recently introduced by Facebook were given an ovation. These keys enable users to browse different areas of the site much faster. The new hotkeys allow a quick access to home page, notifications, search bar, account and privacy settings, Help Center etc.
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“Discover New Games” Module on Facebook

Thanks to the new sidebar module introduced by the social networking site and called “Discover New Games” there is a novel opportunity for Facebook account holder to be acquainted with unknown to him games played by his friends. This discovery channel displays several of user’s friends playing a certain game. The new feature is likely able to lower the developers’ trust to the marketing that is carried out with the purpose to increase the popularity of the games.

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Changes of Tabs on Facebook’s Pages

The quantity of visible tab applications on Facebook was considerably enlarged a short time ago. These tabs are placed above the fold the navigation menu of Facebook Pages.

The Facebook account holders receive an opportunity to access more tabs for promotions, email signups, games, etc. Though some Pages will be claimed to affix multiple apps, the tabs won’t be required to be reordered.

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