Automatic Facial Recognition on Facebook

facebook-facialFor the first time recognition of faces in photos appeared on Facebook last year, but it worked only for users in North America. Now, a new feature available to all users without exception. When you load a new image Facebook will try to guess who is it, and offer to tag this man.

On one hand, the function must be innovative, and many like it, but on the other hand, it has two problems. Firstly, Facebook offers to tag not to the user him self, but to his friends. In the Facebook one does not need to get approval from a person to tag him in the photo. Thus, a new feature encourages users to tag their photos at all in a row, and not necessarily true. As you know, the ideal face recognition has not yet been established.

Secondly, the recognition is enabled by default for all users. Facebook for the umpteenth time makes a mistake by entering the complex, not all friendly and potentially problematic functional active by default for all users. Many users don’t know deeply all privacy settings on Facebook, and the new feature will only complicate their lives


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