Facebook Emoticons by Facemoods

For some years now, smileys and emoticons have become an integral part of the Internet
lexicon. Smileys are most often used for unofficial emails and chats. Some services,
such as WordPress, even have a built-in converter that automatically turns certain
combinations of punctuation marks to smiley faces. A chat conversation without smileys
often feels less friendly and less expressive.

Facebook chat has an integrated smiley system, but not all FB users are aware of it. Part
of the reason is that the chat system was added to Facebook in 2008 only. The other
significant reason is that the Facebook emoticons can only be used on chat by keying in
the right smiley codes.

For Facebook emoticons that go beyond the default options, an additional service is required. This is where Facemoods came into the market. Launched in 2009 and already amassing a number of over 8 million users worldwide, Facemoods is genuine and unique Facebook emoticon service. Like Facebook smileys, Facemoods emoticons represent human emotions, facial gestures, tone of voice, and body language online. In addition to smileys and chat emoticons, Facemoods also brings funny winks, glitter texts, celebrity animations, and more. Facemoods offers great artwork and keeps adding emoticons all the time so you always find a new material. You have hundreds of ways to make each
chat conversation exciting and fresh as well as be clearly heard and fully understood. The free smileys and animations can be also used to create unique wall posts and personalize status posts.

Another advantage of Facemoods is that is actually easier to use – no need to memorize
key combinations, no need to enter codes. You just choose from a gallery of options, and
display the smiley with a click of the mouse.

To start enjoying Facemoods, you have to download and install the application.
Installation is very simple, quick, and easy. There’s no registration required, and it is
100% free.

1. Go to Facemoods’ Facebook emoticons download page and click the download
2. Click ‘Save file’ when the download execution window appears.
3. Launch the installation by clicking ‘Run’ when prompted
4. The installation begins. Any opened browser will be closed, but will restart after
the installation is completed.

After you have successfully installed Facemoods, log-in to your Facebook account. Wait
for your account to finish loading then go the chat box. Open a chat window. On the
bottom left of the window is a yellow smiley icon; click it to open the Facemoods menu.
Explore your options by clicking on the different icons found on the bottom and left side
of the menu.

Dmitry Oreshko

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