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2 New Features: Search Users Profiles and Social Trending Posts

social searcher home page

The most active Social Searcher users have already mentioned several new features in public Beta testing and now we are glad to officially announce new functionality, which was requested by the loyal users and we are here to deliver: search users profiles by their name and explore trending posts about specific topics.

Main search input on the home page of the Social Searcher is enriched with 3 new tabs: “Mentions”, “Users” and “Trends”, that are responsible for the recent mentions search by keywords, users social profiles search by name or surname and trending posts search by keywords. Let’s have a closer look on the last 2 new features.

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30 Awesome Ways for Using RSS Feeds

RSS or Rich Site Summary is a widespread way for getting updates from your favorite news, blogs, forums and other sites without personally visiting each of them. Web feed goes directly to your reader service like Feedreader or Feedly providing all information in one place.

The first version of the RSS was introduced more than 15 years ago and lots of awesome web services going beyond traditional way of RSS usage were released since that time.

Let’s have a close look on variety of creative ways for utilizing feeds.

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