Jessica Alba announced pregnancy on Facebook

The famous American television and film actress Jessica Alba is going to become mother again.

She already has a daughter called Honor and who is only two years old. But one kiddy seems not enough for the Good Luck Chuck actress. The 29-year-old beauty and her husband, well-known American actor Cash Warren decided to acquire the second child who is expected to be a younger brother to Honor.

The attitude of the young mother towards the pregnancy and its declaration are known to us thanks to Jessica’s notes on Facebook: „It’s been a while since I’ve been on FB & I thought I’d drop by to let you all in on some exciting news. Honor is going to be a Big Sister!

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1 Million Facebook Users to Marry

It is generally admitted that the social network Facebook helps people to solve their problems, or at least it can’t be denied that they turn to it full of hopes to find a proper solution for their difficulties.

Swindon mother

An attempt of this kind was made by a resident of Swindon in South West England. Her name is Kelly Coxhead and she is 31and the mother of four children but still not married.

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Facebook Can Have 100 Billion Photos This Summer

Pixable analyzed current patterns of their Facebook images tool users and pointed out that Facebook can have 100 billion photos by this summer.
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Doctor Diagnoses Friend’s Appendicitis Via Facebook

A Live was saved thanks to opportunity to communicate via the social network Facebook.
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32 Percent of Local Business Owners Use Facebook Places

Last summer a new application was launched by Facebook. Its name is Facebook Places. In spite of its relatively young existence it seems to be quite prosperous. A short time ago MerchantCircle conducted a survey that showed that 32 percent of the 8,456 businesses promote themselves through this service. About 12 percent are going to make use of it in the future, moreover not-so-distant one.
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Why do People “Unlike” Pages on Facebook?

Recently ExactTarget and CoTweet carried out an investigation named “The Social Breakup.” They researched the reasons that urge people to click on “unlike” button on Facebook brands sites. Every seventh out of ten of the social network accountholders are convinced that they’ve begun tending to choose more carefully when it comes to voicing their attitude regarding liking or unliking brands on the site. Almost half of Facebook users, rough estimated, removed themselves from a page’s admirer by clicking “unlike” button.
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Popular Facebook Applications for Science Fans

Facebook offers many different ways to gain knowledge that is of scientific value. This variety intends to give relief to science geeks’ thirst for knowledge. Thereby these apps are assigned for learning oriented people, not for those who look for diverse types of entertainment, like building virtual farm for example.. Read more

Popular Photo Applications for Uploading Images to Facebook

Facebook profiles contain info about its author and his lifestyle that he places by himself to let his friends know how he is going. People often allocate their photos there, especially the most favorite ones. At the present time there are a lot of ways to do it. Read more

Teen Landed in Jail for Hiring Hit Man via Facebook

One of Facebook’s users put up for auction the remuneration for the commission of murder of the person who got him into trouble. The situation seems to be even more terrifying after finding out that the man promising the reward and the other person set for the former as his object are connected through the relationships of a rapist and his victim.
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Handy Tools for Updating Facebook Offsite

Below you will find the list of the desktop applications for implementing of Facebook updates and notifications without even having to keep the site open in a browser. The number of these tools constantly increases, but here are eight of them.
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