Jessica Alba announced pregnancy on Facebook

The famous American television and film actress Jessica Alba is going to become mother again.

She already has a daughter called Honor and who is only two years old. But one kiddy seems not enough for the Good Luck Chuck actress. The 29-year-old beauty and her husband, well-known American actor Cash Warren decided to acquire the second child who is expected to be a younger brother to Honor.

The attitude of the young mother towards the pregnancy and its declaration are known to us thanks to Jessica’s notes on Facebook: „It’s been a while since I’ve been on FB & I thought I’d drop by to let you all in on some exciting news. Honor is going to be a Big Sister!

Jessica Alba is pregnant

„Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didn’t hear about it somewhere else. I appreciated all of the love and support you all gave me during my first pregnancy and will definitely appreciate it again this time around. Have a great day!”

According to Jessica pregnancy makes her a„little more wild”:

„Oddly, I think I’m a little more wild and free since I had Honor because once she’s in bed all my mom friends come over and we have dance parties at my house. It’s really dorky and I probably wouldn’t have done that before. But no, I don’t go out. I hang out with my friends, and I’m pretty chilled.“

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