20% of U.S. divorce cases are using Facebook Evidence

Divorce-Laws-FacebookRecently there was a survey conducted in America that intended to study the special features of divorce procedures in the USA. According to the results evidence from the social networking site is used in one out of five divorce proceedings in America.

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers that hold the opinion poll announced that 81% of 1,600 lawyers asserted the growth of evidence from different social networking sites used in divorce cases.

The titles of the sites involved and the percentage ratings are the following: Facebook claimed as a source of evidence gained 66% of layers surveyed, MySpace got 15%, 5% of the respondents said most of this evidence comes from Twitter and 14% mentioned some other social networking sites.

AAML’s president, Marlene Eskind Moses commented, “Going through a divorce always results in heightened levels of personal scrutiny. If you publicly post any contradictions to previously made statements and promises, an estranged spouse will certainly be one of the first people to notice and make use of that evidence.”

The president went on, “As everyone continues to share more and more aspects of their lives on social networking sites, they leave themselves open to much greater examinations of both their public and private lives in these sensitive situations.”

Dmitry Oreshko
Categories: Facebook Rumors.

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