Want to become a Celebrity on Facebook? It’s Easy!

Lady GagaIf you dream to be very famous but don’t feel longing for working hard for it or don’t wand to wait for your indistinct fame’s day you are provided with the opportunity to enjoy popularity right now without applying any special efforts. The social networking site will render you assistance thereby.

Post Sexy Profile Photo

First of all choose the best picture of yours and post it as your Facebook profile photo. It should undoubtedly increase the number of people willing to get to know you better and suggesting friendship. Don’t blow them off but accept all the friend requests. This will contribute to your popularity on the net. You are also kindly requested not to upload photos of celebrities instead of yours own. None of them would ever do this! You are good enough to be the person who you are in fact.

Add A Lot Of Friends

Lots Of FriendsAll the stars have fans. That is why you should exert every effort to increase the number of your Facebook friends. They will be taken as those who really adore you and the large quantity of such admirers must catch attention of other Facebook account holders and kindle their interest regarding you. Take the advice concerning the gender of your adorers: the number of those of opposite sex must be quadruple to the people of your own gender. But don’t overdo as otherwise your page may seem to be a forgery.

Post Photos With Other People

The celebrities are public persons. Their life is spread before the eyes of their fans. The adorers keep vigilant watch over their favourites. If you are eager to be a celeb open your lifestyle to the other people. One way to do it is to document all of your steps. That means you should take a camera and make as many pictures as possible. The most important thing is all of these photos must contain you. Don’t forget to change your clothes because it will be strange if you appear everywhere in the same outfit.

It would be great if nice people could make you’re a company and also appear on your photos as their presence would signify that you’re cool. All jokes aside you must look for attractive people on the streets and ask them to pose in order someone else could take a photo of you both. If you manage to convince them to put these photos on their Facebook pages and to tag you on them than you may be proud of yourself because this is a true way to fame. If they reject to pose than make one more attempt including bribing into it.

Start Checking In Regularly

-Facebook Places-Celebrities travel a lot. That means that you are supposed to this to. The only problem is money you need for the journeys. The solution is simpler as it may seem. Make acquaintance with friends from different countries through the social networking site and ask them to check in for you. Don’t forget that the number of the checkings is quite important too, the more the better.

Create A Facebook Page

Having added plenty of friends and uploaded a large number of your pictures and statements that show that you travel around the world a lot you’ve created a splendid Facebook page of yours. Your status updates should contain words of deep gratitude towards your fans. And they are supposed to write the comments full of pure rapture of your work.

It would be great if you also could make some photos with people who appeared as your own guard protecting you from some too passionate fans. The crowd follows the star everywhere that causes the necessity of good security.

You’re Done!

You’ll enjoy the luster of fame eventually. After following the advices given above you undoubtedly become a celebrity. People will long to be introduced to you.

Besides if you don’t like the way you look, use Photoshop to whitewash your picture and add some magnificence to it. The photo you’ll see then may be different from your real appearance a lot. Anyway who cares about it? Our world is full of fakes and it won’t hurt him to accept one more.

Dmitry Oreshko
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