Worldwide Access to Facebook Places

Facebook account holders from the countries listed below are now empowered to use location checking service Places. The implied nations are Brazil, India, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Israel and some other countries around the world. Range of the launch is under studying.

According to the Facebook’s representative the Places are available everywhere except Russia and Korea. But they assure that Places will be launched there in a short time, too.

Places continues to spread across the planet and achieved U.K., Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Denmark and some other countries during the last few months. At the same time the major handheld device operating systems including Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Palm webOS have been backed by the Facebook account holders towards Places.

Places are expected in many countries which residents are eager to check in locally instead of employed US-hosted VPN accounts.

The choice of the international countries with high smart phone penetration to launch Places was based on the availability of possibility to check in there. In case the social networking site is ahead of time i.e. before the prevalence of smart phones there, Places won’t be able to prove there utility.

Dmitry Oreshko
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