Facebook’s News Feed Filters Tutorial

The news feed filters made lattermost were not clarified by Facebook. Some of the default settings on certain postings are described as secrecy that intend to conceal the updated. That caused the confusion of many Facebook users.

Mails about the news feed filters contain the following virtually copied and pasted section where all the punctuation errors and writing are left entire:

HERE’S THE FIX: Scroll down to the bottom of the newsfeed on the homepage and click on “Edit Options”, click on “Show Posts From” and change the setting to “All Of Your Friends and Pages” Note: This is the fix for personal pages but I am unsure of whether or not the business pages are set up the same way.

If you have a look at two labels straight above the news feed on the right side of the page you’ll notice that they both do not show the essence of people and pages you usually refer to until you adjust the settings.

After clicking on “top news” you will be able to see activity that drawn the most attention. Whereas clicking on “most recent” displays the news feed in reverse chronological order in case you do not hold down on the link to produce the drop-down menu.

You have an opportunity to edit these options either at the top or the bottom of the news feed. The advice you receive through virally post contains a proposition to scroll down to the bottom of the page to do this. But staying at the top of the screen seems to be more advisable. There a wide choice there. When you click on “most recent” at the right of the page, you’ll see a drop-down menu, which is produced below.

“Edit options” are shown up at the bottom of the drop-down menu. There are a lot of selection feeds above it. You can choose A links that will show you games, status updates, activity involving photos, new links and comments related to them, or pages. Under these options you can see two different friend lists. They are two first from the lists of friends based on alphabetic arrangement. It you want to choose some other lists, click on “choose another”.

“Edit options” link is located at the bottom in both the expanded drop-down and the smaller one. After clicking on it you will yourself at that same filter window that was referred to in viral notes. Here you have a choice either to look at all news feed content from every single one of your contacts, identify individuals who you don’t want to read about, or look at friends and pages you communicate with most of all.

Dmitry Oreshko
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