1 Million Facebook Users to Marry

It is generally admitted that the social network Facebook helps people to solve their problems, or at least it can’t be denied that they turn to it full of hopes to find a proper solution for their difficulties.

Swindon mother

An attempt of this kind was made by a resident of Swindon in South West England. Her name is Kelly Coxhead and she is 31and the mother of four children but still not married.

Kelly has a boyfriend named Paul Mapplethorpe who she has romantic relationships for over 10 years with and who has not proposed marriage to her yet. However recently she succeeded in catching him in a word after his phrase that he will be ready to enter into a marriage if his partner manages to get a million users to join the Facebook group created by Kelly and called “I need one million people to join for Paul to marry me – come on guys help me!”

Kelly admits, „It’s been a running joke for a long time between Paul and I to get married.“

„So when I said ‘how many people have I got to get to join a group on Facebook before you’ll marry me?’ – he said a million, as a joke.“

However it remains not clear if Paul was kidding making such a plenty of users willing to join the group a condition for wedlock or he told it in earnest. Nevertheless Kelly decided to use the chance and set up the stated group last Thursday.

She managed to attract over 330 members in the first six hours and the number of people who expressed their wish to support her has been constantly increasing. There were over 3000 users in her group after only a week.

„I love him to bits and I’d love to get married,“ said Kelly.

„But we’ve got a fair way to go yet and I think he’s pretty safe at the moment. “

It seems very curious that none of Kelly’s previous attempts to incline him to marry her never succeeded. Even though they set different dates for their wedding the ceremony never took place „because of circumstances“.

Nevertheless, this time Kelly is sure that she’ll be able to get Paul to the registry office for an 11/11/11 wedding. „I feel a bit sorry for Paul because if I do get a million then obviously he’s going to be hounded by everybody,“ said Kelly. „But he knows I’ve always wanted it and that it would mean the world to me – so if it happens, it happens.“

Dmitry Oreshko
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