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Surprise: Mark Zuckerberg Wedding

mark_zuckerberg_wedding_logoMark Zuckerberg married to the longtime girlfriend on the next day after the Facebook IPO. For the guests the wedding was a surprise – they thought that they were invited because of another occasion.

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Facebook blamed for a 30% of divorces in UK

divorce_facebookAbout 30% of divorce cases in the UK in 2011 had references to the partner’s activity on Facebook. It was reported by PCR with reference to the website Divorce-Online.co.uk, specializing in divorce cases help.

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20% of U.S. divorce cases are using Facebook Evidence

Divorce-Laws-FacebookRecently there was a survey conducted in America that intended to study the special features of divorce procedures in the USA. According to the results evidence from the social networking site is used in one out of five divorce proceedings in America.

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers that hold the opinion poll announced that 81% of 1,600 lawyers asserted the growth of evidence from different social networking sites used in divorce cases.

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New Facebook Relationship Status Options

Domestic partnerships and civil unions are included by Facebook into the list of options in the relationship status. However, this function did not become available everywhere but only in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and France.
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Popular Wedding Applications on Facebook

Wedding is a very important event in life of everybody, especially concerning the girls who begin to make plans about the wedding day even since their childhood. That significance of the marriage requires a lot of careful preparations. Internet offers help on this matter not least of all. There is a wide range of different wedding applications on Facebook, for example. There number comes up to 150. Below is the list with the most popular Facebook wedding apps. They all aim to turn your the solemnization of the marriage into an incredible and unforgettable event. Read more

1 Million Facebook Users to Marry

It is generally admitted that the social network Facebook helps people to solve their problems, or at least it can’t be denied that they turn to it full of hopes to find a proper solution for their difficulties.

Swindon mother

An attempt of this kind was made by a resident of Swindon in South West England. Her name is Kelly Coxhead and she is 31and the mother of four children but still not married.

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