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Facebook Buys Facial Recognition Company Face.com

facebook_facial_recognitionBack in 2010 Facebook released Automatic Facial Recognition feature and now the social network acquires facial recognition startup Face.com.

Face.com was founded just three years ago and already provided some face recognition technology to Facebook. According to the Financial Times, the amount of the deal can be estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. The mass media called the sum of $ 80-100 million.

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Facebook IPO Failure

facebook_shares_down1Facebook IPO scandals continue. Banks – co-organizers of the IPO (Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan) allowed short sell operations for their customers, which also affected Facebook shares fall, reported The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

They played not only against the Facebook shares investors, but also against the leading underwriter of the IPO – Morgan Stanley, which tried to hold Facebook shares price on the first day of the IPO. Private investors began to take revenge on the social network, without waiting for court decisions: on Friday, someone flooded the article about Facebook in Wikipedia with pornographic images.

Let’s remind that Facebook IPO took place on May 18 with complications on NASDAQ, and Facebook shares quotes started to fall down after the first day of trading. The Friday’s quote is as follows: 31.91$ – 16% lower than the initial offering price.

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Facebook counterattacks Yahoo in patent infringement suit

facebook_yahooThe social network Facebook responds to Yahoos patent infringement suit with accusing the internet company of stealing intellectual property.

In March, Yahoo! accused the social network of Mark Zuckerberg in illegal use of technology, protected by ten patents. It was about the methods of online advertising, personalization tools, messages delivery and generation of news feeds.

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Two Brits get 4 years prison for organizing riots using Facebook

uk_facebook_arrestOn Tuesday, two men from the north-west England – Jordan Blackshaw and Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan – got four years prison for organizing and managing the recent riots through Facebook.

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20% of U.S. divorce cases are using Facebook Evidence

Divorce-Laws-FacebookRecently there was a survey conducted in America that intended to study the special features of divorce procedures in the USA. According to the results evidence from the social networking site is used in one out of five divorce proceedings in America.

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers that hold the opinion poll announced that 81% of 1,600 lawyers asserted the growth of evidence from different social networking sites used in divorce cases.

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Facebook’s Victory in the Judgement Against Spammer

Struggle against spammer seems to incline towards spammer victims’ side. Facebook won the legal case against spammer Philip Porembski who was blocked from the site and forced to pay $360.5 million for damage the company. This was the decision of federal court in San Jose, California.
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