More Transparency in Facebook’s New Privacy Policy

Privacy IconIt is generally admitted that the system of Facebook’s privacy policy is a little bit too complicated for a common user nowadays. That is why the company’s recent attempt to simplify the system and to make it more transparent was welcomed with opened arms. The previous numerous pages of privacy policy are going to be replaced with some more readable scribblings.

As a matter of fact the idea to make privacy more understandable seems to be excellent just at first sight. In very deed let’s remember who actually pays attention to the content of privacy policy. They are bloggers and some media workers, and both are eager to come across any interesting news exposing the sharp practice of the novelties of the social network. They try to
sniff out any scoop in order to publish it in advance of their rivals.

On the other hand the behaviour of the inventors of new changes can’t be appreciated without reverse. Instead of public declaration of current developments that could be appraised by a large quantity of users they hide it on an unpopular page and expect an assessment. The above mentioned allocation would make them acquainted with the opinion of more then 15 000 people, whereas the chosen version is known only for 236 account holders.

It is not quite clear how the urge to increase transparency can be combined with the method chosen to announce it. If they finally decided to throw more light on their privacy policy, it would be more reasonable of them to introduce the change to all the users in less intricate way.

Dmitry Oreshko

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