Facebook Improves Search Results

Results of typeahead search on Facebook recently became category-sorted and are divided into profiles, Pages, apps, groups, Events, and Questions nowadays. This division was introduced with the purpose to increase search abilities of account holders.

That means that if the person is looking for a Page with a special title, he will also receive an opportunity to glance at groups, apps etc. including the intended word. And thanks to this extensive view and choice he is able to pay attention to something that he was not aware before, but that is of his interest in fact.

The novelty has SEO implication. Consequently, staying in the first lines of search results is of some significance for the apps and other features now.

Moreover, the name of the group or app is able to increase the number of accidental visits to the page. It occurs if this name is similar to a common and famous one. For instance, if the group is called after a popular singer, than people who are searching for the singer may accidentally come across the above mentioned group and take an interest in it.

The order of the results appearing after the typing the necessary key word is free. On the one hand, it makes more difficult the search procedure for users as people usually look for profiles, Pages or apps than groups, Events, or Questions, yet the first result may still be a Question. On the other hand, this irregular ordering introduces users some of Facebook’s lesser-known core apps.

Search opportunities on Facebook are being improved bit by bit and this development may cause the increasing number of people using it instead of nowadays common web based Facebook search engines like Google, for example.

Dmitry Oreshko
Categories: Facebook Search.

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