Teen Landed in Jail for Hiring Hit Man via Facebook

One of Facebook’s users put up for auction the remuneration for the commission of murder of the person who got him into trouble. The situation seems to be even more terrifying after finding out that the man promising the reward and the other person set for the former as his object are connected through the relationships of a rapist and his victim.

The Philadelphia Inquirer has informed that the man who committed the rape is a teenager aged 19 and called Corey C. Adams. Last June he sexually assaulted a 20-year-old girl who was on her way home, drunk after a party. They must have known each other before, as the girl resisted him a few days later. Adam’s response to it was expressed in posting the following sentences as his actual Facebook status: “I got 500 on a girl’s head who wants that bread? Hit me up anyway possible.”

The girl managed to read these words that could be quite complicated if it was not their mutual friends or friends of their common friends on Facebook. The universal interconnection of the things helped her to restore justice.

She filed a police report and law-enforcement agencies went to Adam’s house to conduct an examination. Before meeting the police the boy placed on his Facebook page a new urgent appeal to kill the girl, because of all rough goings that were connected with their presence in this world. He “needed this girl knocked off right now.”

The next step of the policeman was quite unexpected. He pretended to be one of those who were ready to kill the victim and tried to organize a meeting with assassin’s paymaster but the meeting never took place. At the last moment Adams decided to put off the meeting due to his wish to speak with the girl one more time. It is not clear when the police caught him but after he was indicted on the rape he pleaded his guilty. Adams was condemned to spend 22 years in prison. If he hadn’t admitted his guild he could have faced up over 70 years in jail.

As a matter of fact the boy could not properly explain his status on the social network that contained the call to kill the girl. If he hadn’t expressed his blood lust over the net, it would have given him more chances to invent a better defense program.

Dmitry Oreshko
Categories: Facebook Rumors.

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