TOP 7 Mistakes on Facebook

facebook_security_logoAs in any social network, Facebook is full of people who are not completely familiar with the privacy settings. If a person is engaged in serious business, and uses the Facebook page to attract customers, then open page is good, however, if the personal page is open to the public, it can lead to some problems, including hacking the page.

Let’s have a look at 7 common mistakes of the average user:

1. Full Date of Birth.

Why do you specify the full date of birth in your settings? Experts report that thieves can use personal information from your Facebook page. One can easily collect data about you from the social network: find out when you leave the apartment, when you go to the store, etc.

2. Do not write on the Facebook page about leaving for vacations or holidays.

Why not to hang a sign on the door, “Thieves you are very welcome, I’ll be at home in a week!”

3. One more time about password.

Do not use general phrases, names, events, phone numbers when creating passwords! Try to use symbols such as #, $,%, &, and stuff like that.

4. Review the privacy settings.

Everyone has a certain number of good friends, so try to limit the maximum number of users who has access to your personal photos, status updates, etc. If you find it difficult to understand the settings, please check up our brief tutorial main Facebook Privacy Settings, which we presented before.

5. Be careful with your publications content.

Employers, police and even insurance agents monitor the activity of your pages on the social networks. So, try not to write anything for which you may be formally accused.

According to a study by Proofpoint in 2009, about 8% of companies fire their employees on a regular basis because of “improper use of social networking.”

6. Stop chatting with your friends in Timeline.

Do you have something important to discuss? Start the discussion in private messages, it can be traced only by hacking your page.

7. Do Not mention your children under 13 years old.

Social networks are dangerous not only for you, but first and foremost for your children.

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