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Facebook-Zuck1 person out of every dozen of them all over the world is rightfully considered as a Facebook account holder because he/she was registered on this social network. Every second of this quantity visit daily the social network.

2 per cent of all the data retrieval on Google search engine contained the word ‘Facebook’ in the search requests.

3 invitations to different social events are given to a common Facebook account holder a month.

4 is the date when Facebook was first launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Primarily the network was called ‘thefacebook.com’. Mark started up Facebook from his bedroom at Harvard University on the 4th of February 2004.

8 friends are expected to be added to the list of friends of an average Facebook user every month.

12 per cent of Facebook users blame the social network in their feeling worried and tense. The figure was worked out by means of a survey conducted by psychologists at Edinburgh Napier University. They came to the conclusion that the number of the friends in the social network influence the way you feel, the more the worse.

13 is an average number of affinity groups that are on the list of preference of a usual user of the social network. According to the research ‘The Largest Facebook Group Ever’ and ‘I Secretly Want to Punch Slow Walking People in The Back of the Head’ are on the top in the list of the widely favored ones.

18 days went on the recent Egyptian protests. The residents of the country were provided with opportunity to negotiate with people from different countries all over the world not least because of Facebook. The most amazing thing is that a baby was called after the social network. This strange way of expression of thanks belongs to Jamal Ibrahim from Egypt, who is legally allowed now to be called the father of Facebook as that is the name of his small daughter.

24 per cent of shares for the social networking site Facebook belong to Mark Zuckerberg, the American entrepreneur and founder of Facebook. Sean Parker, the American Internet technology businessman and one of co-founders of Facebook owns 4 per cent. Other shareholders are Eduardo Saverin (Zuckerberg’s former Harvard room-mate who owns 5 per cent) and Microsoft (with 1.3 per cent).

25 per cent of employers refused to hire job applicants having looked through their Facebook profiles.

27 per cent of people using Facebook prefer not to mention their relationship status on the profile page.

42 per cent of male and 63 per cent of female Facebook users admitted their searching for info about ex-partners using the social network service.

76 languages are used to communicate in Facebook, including Welsh, Afrikaans, Romanian and six Indian dialects.

104 is the age of the oldest Facebook account holder. She is from Wales and called Lilian Lowe. The elderling uses Facebook to communicate with her seven grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

130 is the average number of people who are on the list of friends of a common Facebook account holder.

600 is the number of people who were added to the list of friends of “Sister Internet”, nun Sister Maria Jesus Galan. The most striking thing is that she was excluded from the Spanish convent. Spending too much time on Facebook was named as the reason for expulsion.

700 minutes a month is the time spent on Facebook by a user on the average.

888 people are included into the membership list of the fan group on Facebook called ‘David Cameron is a Hottie’. It bears mentioning that the real Samantha Cameron isn’t among the members of the collective.

1,200 miles is the distance between two lovers who met in person after they once came across in the social network. The reason for their mutual interest was the similarity in their names Kelly Carl Hildebrandt and Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, he is from Texas, she from Florida. The love between the sweet pair arisen after the meeting

1,700 people are hired by the social network in 12 countries. The newcomers receive daily three meals free of charge.

2009 is the year when it was announced by the New Oxford Dictionary that ‘unfriend’ is the world of the year. It must be underlined that the above mentioned word was contested by some opponents who affirmed that the actual word is ‘defriend’. Both words are asserted to have the following meaning “to remove someone from the list of friends on Facebook”

7,545 informing calls concerned Facebook were made to British police last year. The police officers were warned of acts of terrorism, frauds, malicious messages and crimes and notified of missing pets.

15,000 pounds is the sum that a person who lied was obliged to pay after the truth came out by virtue of Facebook. Hazel Cunningham, from Kent, was considered as a single mother after her official announcement in front of authorities. The Caribbean wedding photos that she placed on her Facebook profile page served as an evidence for her lies.

41,000 people gave approval to the Queen’s Facebook page during only one hour after it was launched last November.

66,168 pictures are linked to the page of the person in the picture on Facebook every minute.

700,000 people were included into the Facebook group named ‘Rage against the Machine for Christmas Number One’ as an anti-X-Factor protest in December 2009. Rage reached the top spot and X-Factor winner Joe McElderry took second place.

2,176,000 private messages are transmitted on Facebook every 20 minutes.

18,487,490 people cherish kindly feelings for the Facebook profile page of President Obama.

24,700,000 pounds were spent to make the recently released famous film about Facebook’s creation which is called The Social Network.

35 million people daily change their Facebook status — announcing everything the tiniest details of their lives, such as menu for their breakfast or destinations of their holiday’s trips.

38 million people monthly visit the ‘Texas HoldEm Poker’ page that was announced as the most popular Facebook page in 2010.

40 million pounds were accepted by identical twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss in 2008 in spite of the dispute with Mark Zuckerberg who was blamed for stealing of their idea for a social networking site when they all studied at Harvard.

9 billion pounds is the amount of money that the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has at the disposal.

32 billion pounds is an approximate price for the company of the social networking site Facebook.

700 billion minutes are monthly spent on Facebook around the world. Don’t you think that this is not spending but wasting?

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