Statistic About Facebook Baseball Fans

Here are the most interesting trends concerning baseball and its fans in this article. These eight announcements should definitely excite your curiosity regarding this great game.

1. Fans of the Oakland A Have Most Friends

There are about 500 Facebook users having a strong interest in and admiration for the Oakland Athletics as well and joining the group of its fans. This number is the largest among the quantity of baseball fans on the social networking site. Besides, the median distance between A’s fans and Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum comes up to over 300 miles. This number is also amazing as the previous one especially taking into account that e.g. fans of Florida Marlins aren’t farther then 30 miles from the home field of their objects of adoration.

2. A Social Bunch

Oakland A’s fans have the largest number of friends on the social networking site. The Nationals rank second in this comparison of the quantity of the teams’ supporters on the net. 500 people is the number of friends on Facebook of the former, 450 is amount of the fans of latter. By the way, the average supporter of the sport has around 300 pals on the social networking site.

3. Philadelphia Phillies Fans Most Loyal

The fans of Philadelphia Phillies show the firmest and constant support and allegiance to their team. They can rightfully be called the most loyal of all the fans. Besides, about 60 percent of the devoted fans have friends who are also fans.

4. Women Choose Cardinals

The number of women in the amount of fans of any team doesn’t reach the middle of hundred. It isn’t more than 40 percent to be precise. 40 percent is the highest number of female fans of a team and exactly this figure belongs to St. Louis Cardinals where four out of every ten fans of the social networking site are women. The number of female fans of Toronto’s team comes up to three out of ten.

5. Rangers Fans Are Most Conservative

The Rangers from Texas are the most conservative fans. Almost half of their fans lean towards to right in politics. Per contra the Giants from San Francisco has the fewest number of conservative fans on the social networking site.

6. Yankees Are Most Liked

The number of Facebook users shoed their preferences while clicking on like button comes up to three million. These truly lovers who openly express their feelings on the social networking site are fans of the ever popular Yankees.

7. Red Sox Fans Are Most Spread Out

The fans of the Red Sox were mostly located on the east cost but lately they started to increase their expanse company and reached the west coast and continue to cover a larger area gradually spreading out west at a great lick.

8. World Series Teams Lead Post Season

The Giants and Rangers well known as the most successful teams lead the Post season. As a matter of fact its data is among the info search of the social networking site though the ratings on television of the post season aren’t as high as they could be.

Dmitry Oreshko

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