Best Fashion Facebook Pages to Follow

Here are the most popular Facebook apps concerning fashion introduced in the present article. As a matter of fact our tastes depend on the social networking sites a lot as they are actually distributors of vogue and dictate what is in and out of fashion nowadays. That is why you are strongly recommended to consider the opinion of fashion experts of the social networking sites, in this particular case Facebook in order not to be reputed as someone who keeps abreast of life.

Rue La La

This online-shop enjoys wide popularity among Facebook’s users. Here you will find clothes that are made by famous designers and don’t cost a lot. The prices are quite acceptable. However the most valuable is the fact that your piece of clothes will be an exclusive. You will undoubtedly be dressed in the latest fashion and stand out from the crowd therewith. It also bears mentioning that the clothes offered by this site aren’t fakes. By the way, there is an opportunity to save money buying stuff on Rue La La. The clothes are occasionally put on sale and sometimes the discount comes even up to half of the original price. In spite of all the advantages the site has one little disadvantage: if you are interested in the stuff on Rue La La you must be invited to place the site at your disposal.


This site is similar to the just described one, in the first line in its design and options that are offered to its visitors. Ideeli provides Facebook users with an opportunity to choose clothes designed by very famous designers. The prices of the stuff offered on this site aren’t as expensive as they cost in shops on the streets. Moreover, they cut price from time to time and make stuff more affordable for customers.

But Ideeli has also a small drawback. You have to be invited to get access to the facilities offered by the site.


As opposed to the previous two sites this one doesn’t require any invitations to get access to the stuff offered there. As a further matter, the choice of goods is a little bit larger on Hautelook in comparison with Ideeli and Rue La La. Besides, they also provide giveaways on super luxury items here. And the size of these discounts is really astonishing.

Who What Wear

This cool app provides you with the possibility to look amazing every time you want it. Fashion experts and dilettantes are always ready to help you when you only need their assistance. Thanks to this site you are enabled to know what stars wear in order not to melt into background of other celebrities. You receive a great chance to copy the style of your favourite celebrities or just to peep at their matter of taste.

Dmitry Oreshko

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