More Transparency in Facebook’s New Privacy Policy

Privacy IconIt is generally admitted that the system of Facebook’s privacy policy is a little bit too complicated for a common user nowadays. That is why the company’s recent attempt to simplify the system and to make it more transparent was welcomed with opened arms. The previous numerous pages of privacy policy are going to be replaced with some more readable scribblings.
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Facebook Improves Search Results

Results of typeahead search on Facebook recently became category-sorted and are divided into profiles, Pages, apps, groups, Events, and Questions nowadays. This division was introduced with the purpose to increase search abilities of account holders.

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5 Tips To Quit A Facebook Addiction

facebook-crackedThe advantages of the social network Facebook were discussed and proved a lot. But nevertheless all of its account holder occasionally have a wish to delete their profile. The reasons are obvious. People feel addicted to the net; they can’t stop watching the news and numerous photos of their friends and organize their own lives in a way suitable to be later shown on their page on Facebook. We need hardly mention that complete quitting Facebook will cause loosing touch with all of user’s friends, at least by means of the social network. But that is not what we actually want to happen. As a matter of fact, we need only the methods to reduce our stay time on Facebook. And here are five useful advices how to do it.

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New Version of Bing Toolbar With Facebook Integration from Microsoft

A new version of Bing Bar was recently released by Microsoft. It is especially attractive in the first line thanks to the fact that it was developed with Facebook integration. Now you do not need to visit to see your friends’ lately activities and fresh photos or to learn about getting a new message. If you a Bing Bar user, you receive the info at once.

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New Facebook Relationship Status Options

Domestic partnerships and civil unions are included by Facebook into the list of options in the relationship status. However, this function did not become available everywhere but only in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and France.
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Popular Wedding Applications on Facebook

Wedding is a very important event in life of everybody, especially concerning the girls who begin to make plans about the wedding day even since their childhood. That significance of the marriage requires a lot of careful preparations. Internet offers help on this matter not least of all. There is a wide range of different wedding applications on Facebook, for example. There number comes up to 150. Below is the list with the most popular Facebook wedding apps. They all aim to turn your the solemnization of the marriage into an incredible and unforgettable event. Read more

Google’s Social Search vs. Facebook

Google announced integrating social media in to latest search engine. They managed to do so without mentioning Facebook in an entire blog post.
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Students With Big Friend Lists Feel Stress

Recently social researchers from Edinburgh Napier University conducted a survey that which purpose was to find out the connection between the number of friends of a Facebook accountholder and his emotional state.
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Facebook’s News Feed Filters Tutorial

The news feed filters made lattermost were not clarified by Facebook. Some of the default settings on certain postings are described as secrecy that intend to conceal the updated. That caused the confusion of many Facebook users.
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Jessica Alba announced pregnancy on Facebook

The famous American television and film actress Jessica Alba is going to become mother again.

She already has a daughter called Honor and who is only two years old. But one kiddy seems not enough for the Good Luck Chuck actress. The 29-year-old beauty and her husband, well-known American actor Cash Warren decided to acquire the second child who is expected to be a younger brother to Honor.

The attitude of the young mother towards the pregnancy and its declaration are known to us thanks to Jessica’s notes on Facebook: „It’s been a while since I’ve been on FB & I thought I’d drop by to let you all in on some exciting news. Honor is going to be a Big Sister!

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