Facebook Likes Now In Search Results On Bing

Facebook Likes will shortly be included in search results by the Microsoft Bing search engine. It has already affixed the social network Instant Personalization. Bing started to publish Liked results at the bottom of result page last autumn. The pictures of the persons who Liked a result are shown straight below the result.

A new edition of the Bing Bar browser toolbar was launched by Microsoft that gradually enlarges its connections with Facebook. The new toolbar displays Facebook notifications, messages, and pictures. Facebook Chat is added to Hotmail there.

The tension between Google and Facebook caused the cessation of showing Facebook Page updates that began exactly a year ago. Social data from Twitter are included into search results instead of Likes. Nevertheless, the methods of getting social results are different. Users have to be logged into their Google account and have an explicitly connection with their Twitter account. Users of Facebook don’t need to be connected with Bing in this case. That is why the number of people who are able to see Facebook Search results on Google is less than this on Bing one.

The absence of the connection with Facebook is negatively reflected on Google popularity. And though Google still exercises dominion over searches, it should come to an agreement with the social network. Otherwise it is likely to loose many users who want to look through search results by means of the Likes of their friends, not their tweets.

Dmitry Oreshko
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