New Version of Bing Toolbar With Facebook Integration from Microsoft

A new version of Bing Bar was recently released by Microsoft. It is especially attractive in the first line thanks to the fact that it was developed with Facebook integration. Now you do not need to visit to see your friends’ lately activities and fresh photos or to learn about getting a new message. If you a Bing Bar user, you receive the info at once.

The Bing Bar is downloadable, but it is available only for users of Internet Explorer 7 or later running Windows 7, Vista, or XP, limiting its potential for adoption.

Facebook has been supported by Microsoft for a long time. The latter has powered its internal search, sold some ad inventory and integrated Instant Personalization into Bing Search not long ago. The Bing Bar’s Facebook integration was developed independently. Nevertheless it has used Facebook’s APIs.

The Bing Bar makes it available to reach searched business with only one click. It shows local weather, and is able to translate web pages. This toolbar is considered to be the quickest and most lightweight one.

Nevertheless, the attitude towards the toolbars is usually negative. The most part of users connect them with slowed down browsing and security concerns. Hence is the urge to change this common stand to a positive one. To achieve it, the Bing Bar’s developers invented a special rewarding system. Everybody who follows suggested searches of current events receives particular points. Later these points can be changed for prizes.

After installing of the Bing Bar and giving it Facebook authorization the users of Windows Internet Explorer will be able to see an orange star on the toolbar’s Facebook icon. This star always appears when you have notifications, messages, or friend requests awaiting your attention.

If you click on that icon, you have a wide choice of options to be busy with. They are photos of your friends uploaded a while ago, and available to be commented, News Feed with the beginnings of the stories only in order you could choose the most interesting once.

The user’s status can be updated thanks to the Bing Bar, but instead of formatting links pasted into its composer it just publishes the URL. The impossibility to share the websites of interest with friends seems to be a moderate disadvantage.

This deficiency, limited accessibility and users’ negative attitude to the toolbars will considerably complicate the spreading of the Bing Bar by Microsoft, in spite of the above mentioned bar’s unquestionable advantageous characteristics.

Dmitry Oreshko
Categories: Facebook News.

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