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Warren Buffett said: I will not buy Facebook shares

facebook_warren_buffett81 year old billionaire Warren Buffett said that he is not going to buy shares in Facebook but also mentioned that he doesn’t consider Facebook as a second dotcom bubble. “People get excited about companies that have done that well.”

The Daily Telegraph reported Mr Buffett saying: “It is not a bubble… this is not what we were seeing in late 1999 all the way into 2001. We aren’t in any bubble phase of anything.”

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New Version of Bing Toolbar With Facebook Integration from Microsoft

A new version of Bing Bar was recently released by Microsoft. It is especially attractive in the first line thanks to the fact that it was developed with Facebook integration. Now you do not need to visit Facebook.com to see your friends’ lately activities and fresh photos or to learn about getting a new message. If you a Bing Bar user, you receive the info at once.

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