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NEW: Groups for Schools on Facebook

groups_for_schools_facebookThe world’s largest social network Facebook announced private Groups for Schools. Only users with the valid email address of the particular college or university will be able to join them, according to the corporate blog of Facebook.

To join the main group of the college or university, you need to go to the Groups for Schools service page, use the Facebook Groups Search box to find the right school, and then leave a valid email address, which was provided by school.

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Facebook Search Android Application

Feature_GraphicToday our site www.social-searcher.com released Android Application “Social Searcher“, which allows to Search on Facebook Without Logging in! Make your keyword search around Facebook and find out what people are talking about now.
Social Searcher is Your Compass in the Facebook ocean.

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Facebook Timeline Apps Platform

facebook_time_line1The social network has finally launched its Timeline Apps platform, which includes a variety of applications based on Open Graph API.
This platform, which was announced last September on the F8 conference, allows third party developers and companies to build Facebook applications that can post information about any events in the life of the user, his interests, habits and preferences. What exactly should see other Facebook users, you can configure using applications settings.

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New Facebook Feature: Listen to Music With Your Friends


Facebook offered users listening to music together with friends. A new feature was presented in an official blog of the social network.
Now any Facebok user, who see that some of his friends listening to music, will be able to click “Listen With” button and listen the same track.

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Recover Your Facebook Password with the Help of Friends

facebook_trusted_friendsSocial network Facebook has introduced two new features to its own security system. This is reported on Facebook Security page.

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The Sims Application on Facebook

The_Sims_LogoThe cult game The Sims later this month will be available on Facebook. The game will be called The Sims Social. Initially, developers promised to release it on June 23. Now launch is expected in late August.

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Don’t Add Your Girlfriend to Your Facebook Friends List!

Please, think properly before you add your girlfriend to the list of your Facebook friends. If you believe that this small step won’t change your life and bring some alteration to it than you are definitely mistaken. This article will show you why. Read more

GUIDE: Tagging Your Friends on Facebook

The present article introduces different ways of tagging your Facebook friends. It should definitely stir your interest especially if you are currently aware only of a pair of tagging methods or if are absolutely incompetent in the area mentioned. Read more

Facebook Friends Lists Guide

There are a lot of different reasons that cause people to register on Facebook but the mostly common is the longing for new acquaintances or even the wish to socialize which means to get in touch with current friends or attempts to find them at least in the vast expanses of the net. Read more

Popular Facebook Applications for Teenagers

It seems at first sight that all the applications presented on Facebook were created in the first line for young people mostly under 18 as the number of underage users is the largest if we glance at the average age grade of Facebook account holders. But actually there is a difference in preferences among the teens. That means that some of the apps are more popular among them whereas the others are much less common. Below you can find the list of the apps which seem to be the most favourable for young account holders of the social networking site. Read more