Don’t Add Your Girlfriend to Your Facebook Friends List!

Please, think properly before you add your girlfriend to the list of your Facebook friends. If you believe that this small step won’t change your life and bring some alteration to it than you are definitely mistaken. This article will show you why.

Below you will find the answer and explanations to the question in the title of the present article:

1) She will send you silly love letters

You will undoubtedly be sick of her silly love letters that will appear everywhere on your profile page, including the wall. Don’t forget that your male friends could also be provided with an opportunity to read the messages on your wall. And that means that you are likely to turn into an object of derision. The best solution of this problem is to explain your girlfriend the reason your disapproval of this love expression.

2) She will be jealous

Even if your lady asserts that she isn’t jealous at all, she will definitely start to complain when a few thoughtless kisses or messages from your former classmates or just familiar girls appear on your wall. Nobody likes rivals, especially if they are smarter and more beautiful than we expect them to be.

3) She will check and monitor your every move on Facebook

She will look through your profile page every few minutes and control all the content that you publish there. You will undoubtedly be tired of such a life under the supervision of your girlfriend. Don’t allow her to disturb your private life that is placed beyond her presence.

4) She will not separate real life and Facebook

Girls often mix real and virtual life and forget that Facebook activities can’t be taken as the intentional act that could happen in our real life. Your girlfriend will blame you in all the smallest flirtation with or just compliments to your female Facebook friends.

So, if you are eager to avoid all these troubles, don’t add your lovely girlfriend to the list with your Facebook friends.

Dmitry Oreshko
Categories: Facebook Rumors.

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