Popular Facebook Application for Playing Alone

There are a lot of interesting entertaining games in the social networking site. But usually you aren’t allowed to play them without inviting of a plenty of your Facebook friends. There are even special payments required to be made in order to take part in the game without bringing any of your friends to the game.

Below you will find the description of three game apps that do not demand to invite a lot of friends like the apps of this kind are used to do expecting even up to 100 users to follow you. Here you are asked to bring approximately only two – five people who could bear your company while playing the game. However you are also allowed to play on your own if you don’t want to divide this pleasure with anybody else.

Sushi Wars

This cool game app called Sushi Wars was released only a few months ago. You can enjoy this game alone with no troubles because nobody forces you to invite your acquaintances to join you.

You will especially adore this play if you are in love with Japanese cuisine and sushi in particular. The idea is to visit the nearest sushi bar and order a lot of sushi; that is to say as many as you can only afford to order. Having done this you should begin that what is mentioned in the title of the app, i.e. sushi wars. Your target is to become the best chef and do a prosperous business. You are surely good enough to do this alone and that means that you can play this game as a lone person.

Farm Town

Your aim in this game is to become a good farmer who is able to grow plants and rear livestock on the farm. The most pleasant moment is that you don’t need to toughen muscles to do this and you won’t be dirty pottering in the garden. Enjoy the app alone or with your friends.

Cafe World

This app provides you with an opportunity to try hand in running your own business. Just imagine that you are an owner of a nice caf? that expects improvements in its design and menu as well. Take matters into your hands and create the best place to spend time and delight cuisine. Do it alone or with your Facebook friends.

Dmitry Oreshko

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