New Facebook Feature: Listen to Music With Your Friends


Facebook offered users listening to music together with friends. A new feature was presented in an official blog of the social network.
Now any Facebok user, who see that some of his friends listening to music, will be able to click “Listen With” button and listen the same track.

In addition, users can create groups of up to 50 people and listen to music by one of them chosen as a “DJ”. Songs titles will appear in the users news feed.

Representatives from Facebook promise that users will be able to customize their privacy settings of the new functions: determine which friends can see current songs and join listening to music.

Huffington Post points out that the new feature will work only with those who have installed an application for Facebook services Spotify and Rdio. If a user who wants to listen to music with a friend misses such services, by clicking on “Listen With” button he will be offered to activate them.

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