Facebook’s Future in 10 Years

facebook_futureA few days ago Facebook overcame 1 billion users level (we highlighted analysts predictions of this fact before), and Mark Zuckerberg said about his hopes for the future union of the world in Facebook.

It’s a good time to think about the future of the social network and whether it will even exist, for example, in 10 years?

Guys from the Betapond company had the same question and interviewed 400 so-called opinion formers at the Social Media Week in London about the future of the social network.

According to the infographic, most of people see an optimistic future for the Facebook: 59% believe that the influence of the social network in ten years will be greater than it is today, and only 7% predict collapse for the Facebook.


Participants of the Social Media Week in London see a huge potential in Frictionless Sharing function, which may be an effective way for the content distribution. Frictionless Sharing automatically publishes user’s activity in the timeline, for example, what kind of video he is watching now, the same for the music(read more about this feature), books etc.


The social network is focused on the mobile version development, which has much less functionality than the desktop one now. The Usage of the Facebook from mobile phones is constantly increasing and this trend can be expected in tablet’s segment also.


Facebook plans to expand its online presence with an emphasis on integration with external sites as well as mobile applications created on the Facebook platform.

Dmitry Oreshko

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