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“Discover New Games” Module on Facebook

Thanks to the new sidebar module introduced by the social networking site and called “Discover New Games” there is a novel opportunity for Facebook account holder to be acquainted with unknown to him games played by his friends. This discovery channel displays several of user’s friends playing a certain game. The new feature is likely able to lower the developers’ trust to the marketing that is carried out with the purpose to increase the popularity of the games.

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Popular Data Visualization Applications on Facebook

The competition among the plenty of different tools created to improve the appearance of users’ fan pages is quite high. Below you will find a list with only a few of them, whereas all of the mentioned tools are aimed to grade up your page. And this improvement is an important condition for remaining frequented and widely read. Thus and so, if you want to make your group or business page holding the attention of other people, pay attention to the next services: Read more

Students With Big Friend Lists Feel Stress

Recently social researchers from Edinburgh Napier University conducted a survey that which purpose was to find out the connection between the number of friends of a Facebook accountholder and his emotional state.
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STUDY Increase of Ads Efficiency on Facebook with Friends’ Help

If you place an advertisement on Facebook, it will become non-topical faster than the same one inserted on search engines. Nevertheless social media have an opportunity to extend the terms of ads’ relevance due to including messages about user’s friend(s) activity concerning the brands.

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