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Popular Facebook Applications for Managing Your Fans

The social network system provides a great opportunity for everybody to communicate as often and at any time when it’s necessary. It follows thence that companies are also enabled to constantly maintain communications with their client which though can turn out to be quite complicated. In order to keep in touch with their fans at all hours companies need assistance that is presented below. There are five customer service applications which were developed to help you in fast response and in the wake of it to increase your brand’s popularity on Facebook.
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1 Million Facebook Users to Marry

It is generally admitted that the social network Facebook helps people to solve their problems, or at least it can’t be denied that they turn to it full of hopes to find a proper solution for their difficulties.

Swindon mother

An attempt of this kind was made by a resident of Swindon in South West England. Her name is Kelly Coxhead and she is 31and the mother of four children but still not married.

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Why do People “Unlike” Pages on Facebook?

Recently ExactTarget and CoTweet carried out an investigation named “The Social Breakup.” They researched the reasons that urge people to click on “unlike” button on Facebook brands sites. Every seventh out of ten of the social network accountholders are convinced that they’ve begun tending to choose more carefully when it comes to voicing their attitude regarding liking or unliking brands on the site. Almost half of Facebook users, rough estimated, removed themselves from a page’s admirer by clicking “unlike” button.
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Facebook is Planning to Deprecate FBML and Allow Iframe Page Tab Apps

According to a recent statement of Facebook developers, FBML and FBJS will be depreciated since March 11, 2011 and Page tab applications are going to be built and implemented using iframes. Both canvas and tab applications are supposed to be built on the same programming model. In addition to that iframes will allow integrating social plugins and the Graph API into tab apps.

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New Facebook Pages Guide

Social network Facebook changed its pages design. The alteration causes different, both positive and negative reactions of account holders. But in general the changes are considered as a favourable amelioration. You will find a minute description of new Facebook pages below.
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83 Percent of Prostitutes are on Facebook

After a thorough research Sudhir Venkatesh, sociology professor at Columbia University came to the conclusion that about 83 percent of whores have their profiles on Facebook. A lot of turned to the social network but Craiglist got rid of the “adult service” category at a later time.
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The Strangest Facebook Fan Pages of 2010

Facebook was created not only as an online social community where people communicate, give their opinions, discuss pressing issues but also as a method for humanity to be entertained. This fact accounts for appearance of funny Facebook pages that help people to relax, in the first instance after a hard working day. Read more

Page Wall Post Comment Spam Filter On Facebook

Comments on Facebook will be classified now in marked with grey or blue background. The first are of low quality and considered as spam. They will not even appear to other users sometimes. The latter are okay. This new filter allows admins to select and evaluate the quality of comments more quickly and easier. However this filter will be applied only to new remarks having nothing to do with old comments.

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