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Automatic Facial Recognition on Facebook

facebook-facialFor the first time recognition of faces in photos appeared on Facebook last year, but it worked only for users in North America. Now, a new feature available to all users without exception. When you load a new image Facebook will try to guess who is it, and offer to tag this man.

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Possible Professions for Facebook Addicts

There is a chance for every Facebook user not just to use the social networking site for fun but also to make money out of it. And this is especially great for those account holders who can’t live without their favourite Facebook but want to earn something taking into account that employers usually don’t allow to visit social sites like that at the working place. Read more

How to Get Response From Your Facebook Fans?

Marketers introduce five methods to engage Facebook fans in communication process:
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How to Create Facebook Page for your website?

You will enjoy a lot of advantages in case you create a page in social networking site Facebook for you personal website. First of all, your site will be advertised in this way and this advertisement will definitely increase the number of visitors to your site. By the way, you can make the site visible for both registered and not registered Facebook visitors. Besides, you mustn’t have a plenty of accounts to create pages for different websites if you possess a lot of them. Having been registered once, you are allowed to create any number of pages for your sites as you only wish while clicking on “Community Page” or “Official Website”. Read more

WordPress Blog Crossposting to Facebook

Let’s finally unite WordPress blogs facilities with the social networking site Facebook. As a matter of fact not infrequently blog’s users are Facebook account holders at the same time. Linking of these two online resources will definitely be very convenient as the authors of WordPress posts will be able to promote their WP posts straight to Facebook pages without delay and receive estimation or better to say an assessment of their work at once from a larger quantity of people. Read more

GUIDE: Tagging Your Friends on Facebook

The present article introduces different ways of tagging your Facebook friends. It should definitely stir your interest especially if you are currently aware only of a pair of tagging methods or if are absolutely incompetent in the area mentioned. Read more

NEW: Converting of Facebook Profiles Into Pages

There is a new Facebook tool introduced in the present article. It is called the “Profile to Business Page Migration” and enables its owners to convert their personal profiles into official business Pages. Besides all the friends of the user looking for changes will be turned into fans at the same time. The new tool was created with the purpose to help people who used to apply personal profile for business goals just because special business Pages did not exist before. The tool is also aimed to provide assistance to those users who inadvertently began to gather fans as friends instead of using Likes.
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Hotkeys for Facebook

The high speed of various actions’ executed on the social networking site is worth its weigh in gold. That is why the hotkeys recently introduced by Facebook were given an ovation. These keys enable users to browse different areas of the site much faster. The new hotkeys allow a quick access to home page, notifications, search bar, account and privacy settings, Help Center etc.
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Facebook Friends Lists Guide

There are a lot of different reasons that cause people to register on Facebook but the mostly common is the longing for new acquaintances or even the wish to socialize which means to get in touch with current friends or attempts to find them at least in the vast expanses of the net. Read more

Why My Facebook Account was Banned?

All the Facebook account holders potentially incur danger to be excluded from the list of the users of the social networking site. This may happen if they violate rules, moreover, irrespective of the reasons causing the violation. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. That is why here is a list of things to avoid while visiting Facebook. If you follow them, you won’t face risk to be banned and will be able to keep in touch with your Facebook friends without any troubles. Read more