Why My Facebook Account was Banned?

All the Facebook account holders potentially incur danger to be excluded from the list of the users of the social networking site. This may happen if they violate rules, moreover, irrespective of the reasons causing the violation. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. That is why here is a list of things to avoid while visiting Facebook. If you follow them, you won’t face risk to be banned and will be able to keep in touch with your Facebook friends without any troubles.

1) Always use your real name even in spite of the fact that you may probably hate it

This rule seems to be quite reasonable because it is really ridiculous to send mails signed by a fake celebrity or just a false name. You might put somebody in an awkward spot or destroy someone’s impeccable reputation. The present reason for banning can rightly be called one of the most obvious ones whereas the leading position belongs to spammers.

2) Only individuals are allowed to register on Facebook

Solely private individuals are permitted to have an account on Facebook. Organizations, groups and corporate businesses are provided with some special suggestions to choose from. Besides, the sort of private individuals is limited to human beings. That means that none of animals including funny pets are allowed to be registered on the social networking site. The explanation for the restriction is plain to see: animals can’t talk.

3) Don’t make several Facebook accounts

You are prohibited to register on Facebook under different names and possess of numerous accounts. But on the other hand you have a chance to trick rule makers. For example, it becomes possible if you have different IP at disposal. By the way the same account can’t be used by different people at the same time, it means e.g. that your friend isn’t allowed to write and comment something on Facebook from your name.

4) Don’t increase the number of your friends too swiftly achieving the quantity beyond the clouds

This cause for the ban seems to be not quite reasonable as the social networking site was created for communicational purposes and it is weird to put obstacles in the way of it. Anyway you have to observe this rule if you don’t intend to leave Facebook in the nearest future. Thus don’t add too many friends on Facebook.

5) None of copyrighter materials are allowed to be published without the permission of the author

Copyright laws and policy provided by Facebook forbid you to post any copywriter data. The reasons for prohibition are well-grounded and enjoy the general support.

Dmitry Oreshko

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