The Strangest Facebook Fan Pages of 2010

Facebook was created not only as an online social community where people communicate, give their opinions, discuss pressing issues but also as a method for humanity to be entertained. This fact accounts for appearance of funny Facebook pages that help people to relax, in the first instance after a hard working day. Read more

Cool Facebook Emoticons Applications

Facebook introduces a new application that is aimed to perk up your mood. You remember those funny laughing, crying, cheering and raging faces that are often seen on forums and blogs. People use them to express their emotions. Now you have an opportunity to image your mood with such droll pictures, too. Just install one of these amusing Facebook pro emoticons applications and enjoy communication with your friends in a new fashion. It is especially pleasant that Facebook provides these apps for free. Read more

Viral ‘I Love Facebook’ Photo Of Egyptian

An English expostulatory demonstrated a sigh saying “I love Facebook” on Twitter. This photo became viral there via the shortened address and now it penetrated into Facebook.
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Page Wall Post Comment Spam Filter On Facebook

Comments on Facebook will be classified now in marked with grey or blue background. The first are of low quality and considered as spam. They will not even appear to other users sometimes. The latter are okay. This new filter allows admins to select and evaluate the quality of comments more quickly and easier. However this filter will be applied only to new remarks having nothing to do with old comments.

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Pickup Tips For Facebook Dating

All of us dream about true love, at least subconsciously and hope to find his real lover, his half. But the charm of one night relationships does not lessen on the back of it. That is why Facebook considers a possibility to organize such meaningful one night stands.

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Popular Facebook Applications for Doctors and Patients

Facebook social network offers new applications which can be useful both for doctors and their patients. They include data about a great deal of different medical issues and this information is of vital importance as it concerns our life. Users are advised to pay their attention to the following applications especially when medical assistance is of dire necessity. Read more

Lack of Facebook Bi- and Same-sex Dating Applications

Not everybody likes dating applications on Facebook. This is significantly connected with the presence of different sexual orientations.

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“Twelth Plan” of India Planning Commission

Over 1.2 billion inhabitants of India are inquired by the state committee about the ways of spending money received from taxpaying public. The question is raised on Facebook.
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Facebook Apps Help to Study Online

A large number of Facebook users consists of students. They play Facebook games, chat with their friends or just browse the network. But they not only have an opportunity to waste their time in Internet but to learn something new. In spite of the fact that the overall majority of students visit schools, colleges, and universities in order to get an education the number of people preferring to study via online means is increasing day by day. Educational portals avoid the main disadvantages of traditional education that cost a lot and includes inconvenient schedule. Read more

Does a Curse on Facebook Justifies User’s Arrest?

A Nigerian inhabitant of Jigawa has lately been committed to prison because of an unusual case. He posted a pointed curse on his Facebook profile about one of representatives of Jigawa’s authorities.
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