New Types of Malware

Two new types of malware were found by Panda Security. Both can serve as explanation for swindles which took place recently and were composed of stealing of Facebook accounts posting spam on users’ walls.
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Facebook Offers “A New Way to Connect with Customers”

There was a new site for Deals created by Facebook. This novelty enables users to find coming Deals and gives entrepreneurs advices how to offer them. There a list and Bing map of local promotions presented. The best performances of introduction of goods into the market are explained by means of manual videos and Deals Guide for Businesses .pdf which can be downloaded.

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Facebook’s Victory in the Judgement Against Spammer

Struggle against spammer seems to incline towards spammer victims’ side. Facebook won the legal case against spammer Philip Porembski who was blocked from the site and forced to pay $360.5 million for damage the company. This was the decision of federal court in San Jose, California.
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STUDY Increase of Ads Efficiency on Facebook with Friends’ Help

If you place an advertisement on Facebook, it will become non-topical faster than the same one inserted on search engines. Nevertheless social media have an opportunity to extend the terms of ads’ relevance due to including messages about user’s friend(s) activity concerning the brands.

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Facebook Emoticons by Facemoods

For some years now, smileys and emoticons have become an integral part of the Internet
lexicon. Smileys are most often used for unofficial emails and chats. Some services,
such as WordPress, even have a built-in converter that automatically turns certain
combinations of punctuation marks to smiley faces. A chat conversation without smileys
often feels less friendly and less expressive.
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